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Positive Sum helps founders build their companies and tell their stories. We devote an incredible amount of time to meeting the most talented entrepreneurs and investors in the world, and we strategically deploy our network on behalf of our portfolio companies. Our community is committed to sharing insights that help accelerate innovation, and we can shine a spotlight on companies as they grow.

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We have the flexibility to invest at any point in a company’s life cycle, and we focus on financing rounds that are generally labeled as “early stage” (Seed or Series A). There are no revenue or traction requirements, just an expectation that you’re gaining momentum.

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Our target investment is up to $5 million initially with no set ownership requirement. We are open to different round sizes and constructions based on specific company needs, and we will often follow-on. Where applicable, we have leveraged our network to build strategic syndicates that best complement portfolio companies.


We lead financing rounds and take board seats but we are just as comfortable investing alongside other leading firms. Either way we aim to be an important partner to each portfolio company and scale our involvement as needed.


We make exceptions to these guidelines and are intentionally flexible. Great companies rarely fit into a box, and the value we can add via our network and experience can help any company at any stage.


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